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The Study Guide is Finally Here!

We have been working hard for months writing and designing a participant study guide which allows you to extend your learning experience far beyond the end of watching the film (if you haven’t watched the film yet, you can purchase the DVD here).

This guide is perfect both for individual and group reflection.

The study guide is currently available only as an instant downloadable PDF.

View 5 sample pages before you buy

How to Use the Study Guide:

There are many ways you will be able to leverage this guide as a valuable resource. Most commonly:

Individual Reflection — Use this guide as your own personal journal to reflect on the ways the themes in the movie connect with your life. The GO FAR framework is a powerful tool to help organize your thoughts around the positive changes you hope to lead in your own life.

Small Group Discussion — Combine your personal reflection with profound discussion with others. Use the guide to help stimulate powerful conversations so your group is able to support one another and gain the insights of others.

Organizational Development — Carry the messages of the film beyond your personal reflection and your own sphere of influence to impact positive organizational dialogue. Whether it’s with your school, your organization, your church, or your business, use this guide as a roadmap for healthy development of your culture. For more resources or support to this effort, contact us to allow us to support you in the roll-out of a more extensive program.