Last step – the grassroots campaign and taking the show on the road to help those with disabilities overcome their obstacles.

May 8, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) – GO FAR: THE CHRISTOPHER RUSH STORY is an inspirational documentary that not only inspires anyone who watches the film, especially those with disabilities, but fellow filmmakers as well. Just as the premise of the film portrays, if you set your goals high you can and will overcome all obstacles.

GO FAR: THE CHRISTOPHER RUSH STORY chronicles the inspirational life of Christopher Rush, a quadriplegic and National Muscular Dystrophy Association poster child, who lived with muscular dystrophy from 7 months to his death at the age 30, well beyond his predicted two years of life. Chris achieved extraordinary goals despite impossible odds and left behind a philosophy of life for all of us to follow. GO FAR is a motivational film that will teach and inspire not only persons with disabilities but also everyone, to follow their dreams and achieve them, no matter the obstacles. Featuring Tony Orlando, Jerry Lewis, and narrated by Chris’ childhood hero and inspiration Mark Hamill, of Star Wars fame.

From start to finish it has been six long years for filmmaker Zack Arnold to achieve his goal, overcoming obstacle after obstacle, to complete GO FAR and to launch the film into the marketplace. Guess what? He is almost there!

Chris was the ultimate motivator during his life and even now after his death. As a quadriplegic that suffered with Muscular Dystrophy nothing got in his way.

  • Christopher was the national MDA poster child (1983-1984)
  • He was good friends with many celebrities
  • He met with President Reagan in the Oval Office
  • He was an honorary NASA astronaut
  • He went to his high school prom
  • He was the manager of his high school basketball team
  • He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan
  • He received a Juris Doctor from Wayne State University
  • He was the first quadriplegic to become a licensed scuba diver in the United States

Even after his death, Chris continues to lend a helping hand, according to the filmmaker. This film has witnessed one miracle after another. “One of Christopher’s favorite hobbies was putting puzzles together with his mind and having someone aid him with the physical process,” explains Zack Arnold, the director and producer. “I feel like this film is coming together the same way. He’s pointing me in the direction and helping me tell his story the way he would want it.”

There were four successful Kickstarter campaigns that exceeded their goals, providing the majority of the funds for the film’s production and post-production. When additional archival video footage was needed, a box of videos miraculously showed up in Chris’ parents basement. When additional money was necessary to complete post production, Electric Entertainment DONATED their time and resources. When clip and licensing clearances were needed and there was no money to buy the rights for expensive clips and music rights for Star Wars, LucasFilm WAIVED the fees. When a narrator was needed, a connection to Mark Hamill instantly materialized. Mark was so touched by the film, not only did he sign on but he DONATED his fees.

When production legal was needed, a Beverly Hills attorney was recommended and by coincidence happened to grow up on Chris’ street in Michigan as a kid and used to ride on his wheelchair. Of course she waived her fees! When a sales agent was needed, a mass solicitation went out to Hollywood and Imagination Worldwide stepped up immediately signing on.When a film festival was needed to provide the setting for a worldwide premiere, a brand new film festival, Niagara Integrated Film Festival, from the Founder of the venerable Toronto International Film Festival, discovered GO FAR at the European Film Market and invited Zack to show the film. The film premiere will be June 19th.

When a big media outlet was needed to break the story about GO FAR, Robert Szczerba, a writer at FORBES discovered the project and released a beautiful article from which there will be more.

What’s next? Imagination Worldwide will be presenting the film at Cannes this month to sell the international rights and is currently moving forward on securing the domestic television, DVD and VOD licensing deals. We have faith that Imagination President and CEO Lawrence Goebel and his team will succeed in getting the film to market.

As for Zack, he is just beginning the second leg of his journey, continuing Chris’ goal to motivate and help those with disabilities. Zack will be taking the GO FAR film on the road with a grassroots campaign planned to visit institutions, hospitals and support groups across the country to screen the film for groups and organizations that it was meant to help – children, adults, families and friends of those with disabilities and to teach them to GO FAR.

Zack is waiting for the next miracle to happen hoping a sponsor or donor appears and provides the funding for this very important leg of the journey – the road trip. “We know our angel is out there!” states Arnold. “You just have to believe, use a little bit of The Force, and never give up!”

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