A big “Thank You” to Judith Robinson, writer for the Ontario Arts Review for such a warm review of our screening at the Niagara Film Festival. (source)

Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“On day three of the Festival I saw two stellar films. By far the best movie I’ve seen in a long time is Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story – Zack Arnold’s documentary about a young man from Michigan with Muscular Dystrophy. Arnold charts Rush’s life from the time he was Jerry Lewis’s poster child to his death at 30 in 2007.

The director’s candid interviews with professors, classmates, neighbours, friends, personal care workers and family members, and actual film footage of Rush, present a mosaic of a young man with drive, humour, enthusiasm and zest for life.

In spite of the fact that he spent his whole life in a wheelchair, and didn’t have the muscle strength to turn a page, Rush managed to sky dive, scuba, and obtain two degrees – the last one in law.

Far from being depressing, Rush’s life provides an inspirational role model for others coping with a debilitating chronic illness, and a guide for those seeking to understand and communicate with them.

There was hardly a dry eye in the theatre.

“Go Far” was the name of a program Rush developed to teach people to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. (Zack) Arnold, a personal friend of Rush, is hoping to bring that program, and his film, to educational facilities around the world.

Angel donors are encouraged to make contributions through his web site at www.gofarmovie.com to enable him to do that.”

“I was happy to see several of my favourites win awards Sunday: Dan Hartley picked up Best Director for Lad: A Yorkshire Story; Zack Arnold got Best Documentary for Go Far: The Christopher Rush Story and Geoffrey Rush got Best Male Actor for The Best Offer. Congratulations all!

***It was a great festival—not only because of the excellent programming—but because of the accessibility of the filmmakers, the copious opportunities for learning, the ease getting into the venues and the overall positive attitude of the staff and volunteers. Well done! ***”